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Our research is centered on synthetic organic chemistry combining physical organic, organometallic, and computational chemistry. We rationally design small organic compounds that can be used for the development of highly selective and efficient new catalysts that mediate fundamentally interesting and useful organic reactions. More specifically, we are interested in the development of stereoselective catalysts to make chiral compounds with high enantiopurity which are valuable for pharmaceutical industry.

May, 07, 2020

Sumin's paper on "Chiral 1H NMR Analysis of Carbonyl Compounds" has been accepted in Org. Lett. Congrats to Sumin.

Mar 16, 2020

We officially welcome new graduate students, Jumi Kim and Hahyoun Park. 

July, 31, 2019

Sumin Jang's paper on a Ga-based chiral solvating agent for alcohols has been accepted in iScience. Congrats to Sumin.

June, 06, 2019

Taeil Shin's paper on Hydroformylation of trisubstituted olefins has been accepted in Org. Lett. Congrats to Taeil.

May, 01, 2019

Welcome back, Dr. Ansoo Lee, to our group.

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Ligand Design and Catalyst Development

Chiral Sensors and Asymmetric Reactions

Heterogeneous Catalysts for Organic Reactions

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