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Reagents on the market

      Hyunwoo has an interesting but unusual experience in the lab, which is commercialization of products. During his doctoral studies with Prof. Chin, Hyunwoo put much effort into large-scale production of his chiral diamine compounds. The successful large-scale procedure results in more than twenty chiral diamines on the market from Aldrich, Alfa Aesar, and DiaminoPharm. Hyunwoo is currently CTO of DiaminoPharm found by Prof. Chin. In addition, during his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Leighton, Hyunwoo made a major contribution to develop a comprehensive and practical solution to aldehyde crotylation reactions. Due to the significant potential of the new method on pharmaceutical and industrial processes, Hyunwoo performed the large-scale production of the Leighton's crotylation reagents, which are now available from Aldrich and Strem.  

       Undoubtedly, research in our group is not focused on large-scale production. However, once efficient and versatile reagents or catalysts are developed in our lab, we will definitely concern mass production of such new compounds. Our goal is to minimize the transition between academic research and industrial process and to make an instant impact to the chemical society.

Kg-Scale Production Using a 12L Flask and a 2L Filter

Chiral Vicinal Diamines from Aldrich

Leighton's Chiral Silane Reagents from Aldrich

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